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some more bad news about Hey! Say! JUMP...

March 8th, 2009 (08:29 pm)

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again, this is from a crunchyroll blog... please read and comment.

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luna_rainbow ([info]luna_rainbow) wrote,
@ 2009-01-06 16:55:00
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Current mood: disbelief
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crazy japanese fans
Sometimes I profess to being a Johnny's Juniors fan. At least I know what "Johnny's Juniors" means, and can name about 10 groups under Johnny's Entertainment. I'm generally rather partial to Jdrama that stars JE artists, although that's a given element of partial. I'm fond of Arashi, I like some people in Hey! Say! JUMP and KAT-TUN (I also can't stand some of them, but anyway), I occasionally enjoy watching Kinki Kids and listening to their songs (incidentally, their new song "Yakusoku" is really pretty), like 80% of the Japanese population I think Kimura Takuya is a great actor if rather up himself, I like Ikuta Toma though most of all I like him going back to being best buddies with Yamashita Tomohisa.

But I don't generally follow up on their news except the little bits I come across in non-fan-directed sites, so I've never heard of the term "Yarakashi" until today.

There's no translation of "Yarakashi" in either English or Chinese, and from my understanding it's a breed of fans that's absolutely nutters - they stalk their idols, invade their personal space, camp outside their house, amongst other things.

The most recent "skirmish", if that, involves a "Yarakashi" fanclub of Hey! Say! JUMP (hereafter HSJ) who calls themselves "Heisei Maiden Army" (like, wtf?). Its members take the last names of the HSJ members - Yamada Erika, Chinen Mei, Yabu Iku, Takaki Shihomi, etc. At their head is an absolutely crazy bitch nutso who calls herself "Nakajima Mare". She is absolutely obsessive about Nakajima Yuuto - a quick scan through some Japanese fansites suggest that she stalks him, disrupts his schooling, bothers his family. Yuto's little brother is terrified of her.

Recently, in the PV making video for HSJ's new song "Mayonaka no Shadow Boy", Chinen Yuri makes a passing comment that Nakajima Mare interpreted as "The most despicable person is Yuto". Before I go any further, let's just point out that to any other HSJ or Yuto or Chinen fan, it's extremely obvious that this was a joke, because Yuto and Chinen have always been very good friends.

But Nakajima Mare, the crazy nutso she is, started really hating Chinen for the comment. She and her cronies gatecrashed the filming site for Chinen and Yuto's drama "Scrap Teacher", and while Chinen was trying to memorise his script, they screamed:
"That's disgusting! Stop pretending to be a girl! It's so disgusting!"
"Stop talking, your voice is so girly! Who's the despicable one? You're the one being hated! Can you quit JUMP?"

They then went to the HSJ concert at Osaka and screamed at him from the audience, "Girly" "Apologise to Nakajima-kun" "Get out of JUMP" "You're the most despicable one".

Now, it's not the first time that "fans" have stooped so low. In 2006 a bunch of "Yarakashi" fans brought placards of "Kamenashi die!" to a concert and screamed at Kame while he was MC-ing to shut his mouth. There's also reports of fans who camp outside Akanishi's house and steal his phone bills, then call his number incessantly. It's also no secret (to fans) that some of the older JE's are really harsh with fans like these and there's been rumours of encounters that resulted in verbal or physical assault.

But I think the major difference is the average age of these HSJ kids is about 16. Chinen, Yuto and Yamada just turned 15, and their youngest member Morimoto is only 14. They still go to school, they still live with their families, many of them have siblings, and they all have friends outside the entertainment world. It's crazy enough to be growing up living two lives simultaneously without having your showbiz life forcefully shove itself into your normal life.

Nakajima Mare is known to sleep outside Yuto's house. "Yamada Erika" also camps outside Yamada Ryosuke's house. Supposedly "Yamada Erika" claims that she forced a kiss on Yamada Ryosuke. Yamada Ryosuke's younger sister - who is not in the entertainment industry - has had her picture leaked.

Earlier, HSJ had already released a statement asking fans to get out of their private lives - especially fans who had gone so far as to install hidden cameras in Yamada Ryosuke's house. But recently they were forced to further and had made a video criticising the behaviour of some fans.

* I translated the first plea (from Chinese) since haven't (been bothered) found any English versions. It can be read at the end of the post.
* The video transcript, kindly translated, can be found here.
* The same person also made a concert report highlighting the same issues.

It's really sad. These kids are trying so hard to do well at their job, and their families obviously love and support them, but how does one feel when you see your own job getting the people around you into trouble, inconvenience, and sometimes even danger?

Thanks to Nakajima Mare, rumours about HSJ disbanding are flying everywhere. While I don't care about HSJ as a group (since I only like about 4 of them), they get along really well (unlike, ahem, KAT-TUN ==;) and it's unfair to both the HSJ members who've worked so hard and the properly behaved fans.

I know some fans are unhappy that a few groups were split to form HSJ, but that's nothing compared to the controversy caused by NEWS' debut. They now get along so well. Just leave them alone =__=

Yamada Ryosuke: Why? Why camp outside my house waiting for me? I really want to go to school. But why is that too much to ask? It's cruel! If you're a fan, please think carefully about what it means to me.

Nakajima Yuto: Why would you install a hidden camera in Yama-chan's house? Why chase and stalk us? Please watch over what I do in a proper way.

Chinen Yuri: All I want is to talk normally with my friends, play soccer outside like a normal kid, beyond TV shows and concert halls, I'm just a normal high school student. I really hate fans who can't properly differentiate between the me as a "Talent" and the private me.

Arioka Daiki: "Go die", "Idiot", why would you write these things? If it isn't a Johnny's that you support then it's okay to hurt people? Fans like that...we don't need them.

Okamoto Keito: Verbal abuse like "it's because of your dad's connection" is really hurtful. Certainly, my dad is Okamoto Kenichi (*an entertainer under the same company), but please watch "Okamoto Keito" as the person I am.

Morimoto Ryutarou: It scares me to think that there are more and more bad fans. It's tragic that they are unaware of the wrongness of their own actions.

Takaki Yuya: Amongst fans, the only ones I refuse to recognise are those who are self-centered, so if I see really well-behaved fans I'll probably cry.

Inoo Kei: "Because I'm a fan", does being a fan make you able to do anything you wish? It's because you're a fan that there are many things you shouldn't do.

Yabu Kota: Taking photos without permission and stalking are all "crimes", do you know?

Yaotome Hikaru: "I hate the Hikaru who's no longer in Ya-Ya-Yah". Stop looking at Ya-Ya-Yah and look at me. Isn't that what a fan should do?


someone please tell me this ain't true!

japfriikorange4 [userpic]

arashi madness ~~

January 30th, 2009 (11:45 pm)

current mood: happy

hello there friends >w<

as the subject states, im slowly falling in love with arashi, thanks to Hana Yori Dango and  ~JUN MATSUMOTO~  *nosebleed*
ahem, anyway, i kindly request arashi media, minna-san, onegaishimasu. 
once again, i AM in no rush. i joined a arashi community here @ LJ but i dunno where to post a request. i hope this post doesn't get disregarded, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

arigatou ne, tomodachi!!!

japfriikorange4 [userpic]

yabu-kun, omedetou!!

January 30th, 2009 (04:50 pm)

current mood: cheerful

yatta~ yabu-kun's bday is finally here!!
lately, i've been setting Hey! Say! JUMP aside [and i feel bad about it so i looked at my posters of them and fell in love all over again @v@] so now, i wanna make it up to them by spending the year 2009 keeping Hey! Say! JUMP at heart. i wanted to write them a holiday card greeting last year demo, school was too much.. dakkara, minna, i wanna start all over again!! i have a request to anybody who views this post [if you're a Hey! Say! JUMP fan, that is] to share Hey! Say! JUMP goodies.  of course, it's just a request, im not forcing anybody, ne??

arigato ne minna san!! help me be a bigger fan of Hey! Say! JUMP onegaishimasu, ne?

PS: happy 19th bday yabu-kun!!! ~ >w< ~

japfriikorange4 [userpic]


December 1st, 2008 (05:09 pm)

current mood: cheerful

kyaa!! even though it's not quite hikaru's bday yet, i decided to be early since i missed chinen's ... anyway, omedetou hikaru-kun!!!

japfriikorange4 [userpic]

yuri chinen!!!

November 29th, 2008 (09:39 pm)

current mood: excited

kyaa!!! watashi wa hontou ni baka~!! waah!! baka baka baka!!

ahem, OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU YURI CHINEN!!!!! finally, ur 15!! wee!!!

anyway, i made up my bakaness by participating in a "chinen gift around the world thing" where we, his fans, sent him a package (originally plannes as a frame) with fan letters all over the world!! sugoi ne~ anyway, haven't heard from minna about the package...man, im so hyped!!! 

yay chinen!! yatta!!

japfriikorange4 [userpic]

brutal reality attacks ~ *owie*

November 28th, 2008 (10:03 pm)

current mood: hopeful
current song: without a goodbye by leah dizon

hmm, two days ago, i was just reflecting on my japanese-freakness.  i thought and thought about me being fluent in japanese, going to japan, meeting japanese people, and then ... BAM!  it hit me!  no matter how hard i try to be all over japan, I COULD NEVER BE ONE OF THEM.  period.  ~huu huu~  now i keep asking why wasn't i born japanese?? i'm close, but not close enough.  now, i bought the subject up with my parents, then their reply stabbed me right on the heart and scarred me - they're like "japanese people took over the philippines and conquered for a long time.  don't go liking them now."  i told them that it was in the past and then they're like "it IS the past, so u can never erase them."  *sigh* then i got mad and locked myself up in my room to think about stuff...

but today, though, during math class, our teacher had a guest that came in to my class - the math minister of education ... of JAPAN.  and im like, "kyaah!!" all class long... i couldn't concentrate in class anymore because there was ...a japanese person ...in my school ...in the same room ... AS ME!!!!  ~kyaa~ i was so hyped, that's why i decided to stick with my japanese-freakness and SUCK IT UP.   and anyhow, i never really gave up on my passion ne~ so, GANBARIMASU!! yossha~ ^^

btw, i consider this a personal issue and would reall love feedback and comments ...

thanks, minna-san!!

japfriikorange4 [userpic]

first time request ne~

September 22nd, 2008 (12:13 am)

current mood: creative

o, yea, i forgot to post sumting, -duh-
minna-san, do u have dl links to the makings of HSJ's all 3 PV's?????!? i want them soo badly demo, i can wait ne~ no need to rush .. probably won't have time to edit them ito gifs and stuff..demo, i still want them ne~ please?! and thank you!! *bow*

japfriikorange4 [userpic]

online forums -- movie related

September 22nd, 2008 (12:06 am)

current mood: cheerful

today, i just watched a japanese movie.. it's called "Train_Man : densha otoko."  All i can say is that it's soo cute and i related to it a lot ... well, not the love story part demo the online forums help thing.... i experienced that once in L! -- i had a boy problem and i shared it with minna-san and it helped me a lot... online frienships are really cool!! i hope i can build one here in LJ, too!

japfriikorange4 [userpic]

Kei Inoo madness #!@$%?& of Hey! Say! JUMP

September 11th, 2008 (12:52 am)

current mood: loved

hehehe, im trying to pull off an all-nighter demo, that bad idea cuz there's school tomorrow...*sigh* anyway, i've been luffing inoo A LOT lately -- if u go to my imeem account, my theme is INOO!!! (imeem username: mika chan)

well, all i want to say is if minna out there haff Inoo media/video/info/...stuff, please share them kindly with me ne~ :) i luff inoo soo much sometimes it makes me cry...

japfriikorange4 [userpic]

lunami's bday...cramming night ne~

September 11th, 2008 (12:05 am)

current mood: moody

hmm..can't seem to figure out LJ still...demo, i found out that lunami-chan's bday was sept 8 >>> gomen ne!! belated happy birthday lunami-chan!!!

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