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brutal reality attacks ~ *owie*

November 28th, 2008 (10:03 pm)

current mood: hopeful
current song: without a goodbye by leah dizon

hmm, two days ago, i was just reflecting on my japanese-freakness.  i thought and thought about me being fluent in japanese, going to japan, meeting japanese people, and then ... BAM!  it hit me!  no matter how hard i try to be all over japan, I COULD NEVER BE ONE OF THEM.  period.  ~huu huu~  now i keep asking why wasn't i born japanese?? i'm close, but not close enough.  now, i bought the subject up with my parents, then their reply stabbed me right on the heart and scarred me - they're like "japanese people took over the philippines and conquered for a long time.  don't go liking them now."  i told them that it was in the past and then they're like "it IS the past, so u can never erase them."  *sigh* then i got mad and locked myself up in my room to think about stuff...

but today, though, during math class, our teacher had a guest that came in to my class - the math minister of education ... of JAPAN.  and im like, "kyaah!!" all class long... i couldn't concentrate in class anymore because there was ...a japanese person ...in my school ...in the same room ... AS ME!!!!  ~kyaa~ i was so hyped, that's why i decided to stick with my japanese-freakness and SUCK IT UP.   and anyhow, i never really gave up on my passion ne~ so, GANBARIMASU!! yossha~ ^^

btw, i consider this a personal issue and would reall love feedback and comments ...

thanks, minna-san!!