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japfriikorange4 [userpic]

yabu-kun, omedetou!!

January 30th, 2009 (04:50 pm)

current mood: cheerful

yatta~ yabu-kun's bday is finally here!!
lately, i've been setting Hey! Say! JUMP aside [and i feel bad about it so i looked at my posters of them and fell in love all over again @v@] so now, i wanna make it up to them by spending the year 2009 keeping Hey! Say! JUMP at heart. i wanted to write them a holiday card greeting last year demo, school was too much.. dakkara, minna, i wanna start all over again!! i have a request to anybody who views this post [if you're a Hey! Say! JUMP fan, that is] to share Hey! Say! JUMP goodies.  of course, it's just a request, im not forcing anybody, ne??

arigato ne minna san!! help me be a bigger fan of Hey! Say! JUMP onegaishimasu, ne?

PS: happy 19th bday yabu-kun!!! ~ >w< ~